Name: Candy (isn`t my real name, I like keep it safe)
 Chaturbate Chatroom: a001ladycandy<----CLICK HERE
Sexual Orientation: I would say straight, but hey ladies are hot for me, I been kissing few girls when I was in high school, so let`s say bisexual.
 Country of Origin: Europe, definitely is enough, I like to keep the mystery.
 Height: over 5 feet? I'm 153 cm
 Weight: probably under 45 kg
 Build: mmmm I`m a tiny sexy woman
 Measurements: 75B or bra, I wear XS- S in clothes, which means my body is well done
 Birthdate: 08-08-1987
 Hair Color: my natural hair color is chestnut
 Eye Color: green
 Twitter Handle: @a001ladycandy
 Any other pages, websites, or social media:
 My personal website is: https://candythegoddess.eu (created by me)
 I also run on a fetish blog, love to write about fetish, but by far I only have few posts

Picture 3020Cams of Chaturbate: When did you begin webcam modeling and why?
Candy: On 15th May, I will celebrate my 5th year as a cam-model, between age 18- 25 I had several real jobs but none fit my needs, and the income was too low. I remember when I had been fired from a job, my sister told me she knows a friend of hers that can help me, and so I met this girl. We talked about video-chat, meanwhile I got another job in a store, so I was working in the store at day time 12 hrs. I was getting home, eating, and going to her place for another 4 hrs. I only used to sleep 4 hrs a night for about 2 weeks, then I decided to quit my real job, because I made more money on camming… It wasn`t easy for me to do this.

CoC: What is your favorite thing about webcam modeling?
Candy: I like talking & dancing… I like to be myself…. natural, I go with the flow, I can be innocent or evil, lol….I love roleplay , I’m very open mind…

Picture 3463CoC: How did you find out about webcam modeling?
Candy: I remember my first porn I ever seen, I was so curious at 18…. So by accident some websites pop up, and I was like WTF, this is live? I was concerned by that time and I didn`t like the idea …but now I’m ok with, nothing strange in masturbating and making money as well…

CoC: What is the most bizarre request you’ve received on cam?
Candy: So many of them, trust me you don`t want to hear about them, some people have really strange fantasies or fetishes, and some of this people don`t realize that the cam-model has some rules to follow by Chaturbate.

CoC: What is the dirtiest tip-note you’ve ever received?
Candy: “:))))))))))))))))” I think this is my best answer. I would like to say instead of dirtiest, the sweetest one, can I?
Here we go ” marry me please I beg you ” :)))) and I was so flatted!!! Many guys fall in love, & I hate rude guys, sorry, but I’m not into dirty things :))))

Picture 3272CoC: What is the one item on your wish-list you’ve been DYING to receive?
Candy: Shoes and more shoes :)) I’m addicted to them, but I would rather like / love to receive amazon gift card with any amount to save up for a I7 laptop!

CoC: Who is your #1 Chaturbate crush?
Candy: I like many models, some of them really sweet, I like girls that they are kinda like me! Some boys I have seen too, so damn hot! Jesus, drooling, but never got too personal to any of this, I like just too admire!

CoC: What is the item of clothing/lingerie that makes you feel the sexiest on cam?
Candy: Leather! Latex, dresses, I like to wear everyday a different outfit! I never wear same outfit 2-3 days in a row, I find it boring ….so I’m elegant, naughty, spicy, hot, I like and I want to make guys go back in time, more romance, undress me! First if you want to bang me, treat me as a queen if you want me wild in bed, this is what my shows are based on!

Picture 3590CoC: What is your favorite thing to do on cam?
Candy: Jerk my strap-on!!! Is amazing to have something hard between your legs! It makes me go crazy, and my guys can`t help either, when they ask for JOI I’m happy, love to stroke and seduce them with my voice! Another thing I love to do is to twerk.

CoC: What is your favorite Chaturbate App?
Candy: I use as app “crazy goal” and bot “roll the dice” “ultrabot”.

CoC: If you had to plan your last meal on earth, what would it be?
Candy: Ice-cream! :))) I would rather die happy with chocolate, anything sweet, because it calms me.

CoC: Do you have any hidden talents?
Candy: Some of my loyal members they do know about my hidden talents, and they are: drawing, painting (I graduated art high school), I love cooking, I love singing (even though I don`t have a voice), & love dancing! I`m an artist 🙂

CoC: Who is your celebrity crush?
Candy: OMG! Really? mmmm FUCK! Number 1 is Jon Snow!!! from Game of Thrones, sorry guys, he is good, yumyyyy next comes Johnny Depp , Leonardo DiCaprio ,Maluma, Justin Bieber, I used to have a BIG crush over Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) & I like Latin guys mostly! hehe

Picture 2342CoC: What are some hobbies you enjoy in your free time?
Candy: Sleeping is my hobby too ahhaah, I dance, listen music, cooking & cleaning the house, I make enough time I would say for myself, most time I draw or paint!

CoC: Who is your favorite sports team?
Candy: I don`t think I like sports that much…. but Chelsea used to be good, or Manchester united?

CoC: What is your dream car?
Candy: A black/ blue navy one, I don`t care much about the brand of the car, gotta be a safe and nice looking one, and with a driver!! haha I don`t have a driver’s license.

CoC: What is your drink of choice?
Candy: Lemon beer, Jack Daniels, or JB, or anything that taste good, I like drinking but rare!

Picture 3002CoC: What is your best physical attribute?
Candy: My dimple, my smile, my lips and eyes, I think my face looks really pretty at 30, and some / most of guys get confused by my young look, I guess I’m lucky! They give me at least 20-22yrs old. The whole body of mine is looking good, but when I look into a guy or girl I look into their eyes, I listen to the tone of their voice, and further the personality! The rest of it does not really matter!

CoC: Do you have any fetishes or quirks?
Candy: I love shoes and stockings, makes my legs rock the world!

CoC: Any Shoutouts?
Candy: I don`t know what exactly it means, but I would suggest to shoutout to all the mistresses from Chaturbate! We need to be more promoted! 🙂 I’m sure plenty of weird guys need us! Ahahah Much love for everyone! xxx

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