Name: Chrisstina
Chatroom: chrisstina_joyworld <—–Click Here To Watch
Showtime Schedule: Everyday is diffrent time
Sexual Orientation: I enjoy company girls also and guys
Country of Origin: Greece
Height: 158cm
Weight: 46
Birthdate: 10 February 1993
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Twitter Handle: @ChrisstinaJ

When did you begin webcam modeling and why?:
Before some months I am in my other time a photographer so i ant to save some money for my dream of opening my own studio also i met verry kind and sweet people in chaturbate so I am happy about that

What is your favorite thing about webcam modeling?:
Have fun pleasure and chat with exciting sweet and kind people

What is the most bizarre request you’ve received on cam?
To watch a guy who wanted to get on electricity on his intimate parts which for me is not healthy and normal

What are your favorite fetishes/requests you cater to on the site?

What is your favorite Chaturbate app?
Lovense dream

Do you have any special goals for 2019?
Yes to start one amazing photography site on my own and to buy new full frame Nikon camera also more smiles

Who is your favorite sports team?
Don’t really have one

What are some of your hobbies you enjoy in your free time?
I love to make rt photos … retouch them also now I study of digital marketing

What is one thing you’d like your fans to know about you?
I am sweet kind and nice person who also enjoy company of sweet and nice people i dont like rude and bad behavior

Do you have any tattoos? Do they have any special meanings?
I have a tattoo on my breast

What is your favorite movie?

What is you favorite song now and all time?
Ed Sheren and Eminem – liar

What is your greatest fear?
I am scared of high places

If you could meet anyone, who would it be?
my mother she pass the way 9 years ago and that would be the only person i wish i have the chance to see again

What is one item you cannot leave the house without?
my phone is important because the connection to people is important

What does your future hold?
art person

Do you have any hidden talents?
yes I draw paintings

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